New fees

Attention to all applicants and petitioners who is seeking for immigration benefits or updating their immigration status in The United States:

On the December 23, 2016 USCIS changed almost all their fees and updated the forms. The old forms and applications also might not be accepted if you file them after this date. On December 29, 2016 USCIS made a notice, according to which you still may file a previous version of the   form or application till the February 21, 2017 but you MUST include a new fee. USCIS strongly recommends you to submit  new forms, which you can download from their official site  for free.

You still can use the previous forms

Remember, it is in your interest to always check official site UCSIS for any updates and news before you send them any petition or documents.  If you have already sent them previous version of forms and fees after December 23, 2016 you should expect a notice from them soon, and pay a new fee. USCIS understands that sometime you won’t be able to change your old forms immediate because of insufficient time or you might be not able to sigh  the form again, especially if it is a joint petition. That’s why they have provided all applicants with an addition time to react. If you decide to ignore this notice and try to send an old fee and forms it will delay your application and you will have to pay a new fee anyway, with no exception.

This action began  on December 23, 2016, so if you mailed your forms and fees on and before December 22, 2016 – you don’t have to change anything, your previous forms and fees are accepted.

Correct biometric fees

USCIS also made a notice that you must  submit correct biometric fees at the same time when you file your application. Your application will be rejected if you will not do so.

Filed payments

Make sure all your fees are guaranteed – it must be a money order, cashier check or a regular check. But if you send a regular check and you don’t have sufficient funds in the account  – your payments will be  filed and USCIS will reject your application, because you don’t have anymore 14 days to correct filed payments. So make sure your payments are guaranteed and clear.





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