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Surveillance Techniques

When you are on a surveillance and you come around the corner, and the person that you are following is right there in front of you; And in the middle of the night.  In an empty parking lot & without any other cars around then YOU ARE busted. Private investigator work and duties are not [..]

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Bomb blast in Russia

Subway bombing Russian authorities were looking for 2 suspected terrorists on 04/03/2017 once a bomb ing on the  St Petersburgs  subway system killed ten  and wounded dozens. The blast, that affected a packed subway train close to the historic city center at 2:20 civil time, and came as Vladimir Putin was visiting town. An jury-rigged [..]

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Auto Accident by MJ PI

The video of auto accident was captured by surveillance camera in private investigator vehicle MJ PI SUV auto accident in Orange County, California off the I-5 North Bound, Exit # 107C State College Blvd, The City Drive. The SUV has flipped on it’s side due to the windy storm weather. The video was captured by [..]

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